Our History

The Lake Havasu Police Officers Association was officially established with the adoption of By-Laws by the newly formed membership on February 15th, 1993. Keith Huskisson, who would later retire as a Sergeant with the Lake Havasu City Police Department, served as the association's first President. Since 1993, the LHPOA has held yearly elections for all board positions, which has enabled several members of the Lake Havasu City Police Department to serve in the association at various times.

Since its inception, the LHPOA has felt a need to support members employed by the Lake Havasu City Police Department through a variety of ways and always remains prepared to aid members who may be in distress through injury, sickness, and death. In addition, the LHPOA always strives to be a strong advocate for the promotion of fraternity and friendship among its members; promote individual and collective welfare in helping defend and preserve the rights of its members; and be known in the community as an association that gives back.

In 1998, the LHPOA became a local affiliate of the Arizona Conference of Police and Sheriffs (AZCOPS). AZCOPS is a tremendous asset to the membership and association as they work hard to remain updated and involved in legislative issues that affect law enforcement, provide a wide array of legal benefits to membership, and assist with labor relations and the political processes at local, state, and national levels.

In August of 2001, the LHPOA became recognized as a domestic non-profit corporation through the Arizona Corporation Commission.

In April of 2004, the City of Lake Havasu adopted a city ordinance regarding the meet and confer process for (5) working groups within the city. The “Police” working group was established to include non-supervisory/non-confidential employees with an avenue to be represented through a meet and confer process. A yearly Memorandum of Understanding between the police working group, police department administration, and city management is drafted and approved by all parties. This ordinance allows for (1) official and exclusive organization to represent the employee working group in the meeting and conferring process. In 2004, the LHPOA took on this role as being the exclusive organization, and to this day continues to fill the role. (See Lake Havasu City Code 2.62 for specific details)

Since the inception of the Lake Havasu Police Officers Association, the LHPOA has always strived to bring balance and harmony between members of the association, Lake Havasu City Police Department Command Staff, Lake Havasu City Management and Human Resources Staff, and Elected Officials representing Lake Havasu City.

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